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    Originally Posted by Maruno View Post
    Try this (in def openSplash):

    Code:"Graphics/Titles/"[email protected]
    I recognised moveOpacity from the Poké Ball-throwing animation in battle, and I remembered that it also involved sound effects. A quick adaptation gave me the above code. I've not tested it, but I think it'll play the SE once as soon as the title screen has faded in.
    I just tested it in Scene_Intro and it worked. All I did was change the code between line 47 and line 57. Then, I specified the SE to play. In my testing, I simply set a Pokémon cry. Now, when you press "C", it plays it.

    EDIT: Yep, it works like a charm. IceGod64, Maruno's code is what you want. By itself, it plays a cry when you reach the titlescreen. With a little editing, you can set it so that it only plays when you press Enter or C.

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