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    Bug: Beautifly; it's just a bad clone of an already bad Pokemon (Butterfree)
    Dark: Hydreigon; It looks strange and unnecessarily detailed
    Dragon: Haxorus; It has unnecessary armor and looks more like a Digimon
    Electric: Pachirisu; It is pointless and has no redeeming qualities
    Fighting: Lucario; It looks mediocre and is completely overrated
    Fire: Simisear; It looks like a Dora the Explorer character
    Flying: Shaymin Sky; I hate Forms, and this one is possibly the worst one
    Ghost: Drifloon; A balloon? Seriously?
    Grass: Cherrim; It's utterly pointless and serves no purpose whatsoever
    Ground: Stunfisk; It's bad in battle and has a bad design.
    Ice: Vanilluxe; It doesn't look like a Pokemon. At all.
    Normal: Bibarel; It's an abomination that should never have been made.
    Poison: Toxicroak; It looks awful, and it's really quite creepy
    Psychic: Musharna; It looks awful and is a clone of Hypno, which is also horrendous.
    Rock: Probopass; It looks like Mario combined with a rabbi. NEXT.
    Steel: Klinklang; It's useless and could have been designed much better.
    Water: Basculin; It doesn't evolve and is utterly useless.
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