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Originally Posted by Scorpiopt View Post
A Question:

Does it have or at least is planed pokemon having different forms? like Kuryem and Keldeo

Suggestion :
A thing that i see that portable games never had was the Crystall Onix and the Shadow Lugia
Yes! You can have several pokémon with different forms like Shaymin, Basculin and Sawsbuck.

Unfortunately, this game hasn't any BW2 content (at least in version 1.1). But probably I will put on version 1.2.

About your sugestion: After some days that I release the game I have great ideas about these things.

Originally Posted by KidRollin View Post
How do i get a motor drive to evolve my electabuzz i cant find it anywhere.
You can find Electirizer (Motor Drive is an Ability XD) in Wild Elekids (they have a 50% change to have it) or in Underground.

Originally Posted by nezlief View Post
can I change rotom here?

and where can I store my Items?
Yes! And Rotom forms have type changes like Gen V. To change it form, find the Depot Key.
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