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Originally Posted by Olli97 View Post
His choises to use a weaker type against his opponents are usuallyn ot because he doesn't know the type advantages, but more because he wants to challenge himself. Of course it may not always be the smartest moves, and he doesn't do those kinds of things when it's in dangerous situations, however by doing that and winning he proves to be less of a newb than he would otherwise appear to be. I can't really see why you're saying he got worse in the later generations though.
I agree with you, Olli. Ash's choices of using weaker types is presumably because he doesn't understand type advantages but it's because he wants a challenge. The reason they make him act noobish in every new region is so they can make it targeted towards the young audience the anime is intended for.

Originally Posted by Olli97 View Post
Even though it appears that a lot of people want to see a new main character, I don't think that'd get that positive a reaction from most of the fans. Many have grown up watching the earlier seasons of Pokémon, with Ash at the time being kind of their idol, so replacing him would prooobably not make the ones who're still fans very happy.

Though to be honest, I think the one that would cause the most of hassle if they were replaced in the show would be Pikachu. It's kinda the mascot for the franchise as a whole, and even more for the anime, so replacing him wouldn't be the smartest move ever.

Though I do agree with you that if they were aiming for an actual reboot of the series, they needed to do more than making Brock leave and reintroducing a few things from the first seasons, though I don't think replacing either Ash or Pikachu would be a good idea, especially since the anime is all about Ash's journey to become Pokémon master.
Olli's right, replacing Ash would ruin the anime's reputation with older fans. They gave him Pikachu for a reason, cos he's the mascot of the entire franchise. The reason they made Brock leave was because they wanted the Unova saga to be like a "fresh start". And I do admit I love Cilan's personality and he has famous English and Japanese VAs. If they replaced Ash, I probably wouldn't even want to watch the anime anymore.

Also keep in mind Clefairy was intended to be the mascot but they chose Pikachu cos it appealed to both male and female viewers of the show. I mean, Clefairy being pink makes you think it's a girl's Pokemon, right?

I have been watching the anime since I was 7 (I missed nearly all of Advanced Generation though) and I still love Ash, no matter if he's reset or not. While I do admit the lack of acknowledging Ash's past league results I still know he improved in each new league conference.
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