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    Name: Isaac Alexander

    Age: 47

    Date of Birth: July 23rd

    Gender: Male

    Hometown: Dewford Town, Hoenn

    Reason for Entering: For the fun of it; to get back into 'the game'

    Appearance: One thing that is immediately noticed about Isaac is that he is not small of stature. A few inches over six feet and broad in body, he is one that most people don't often think to mess with. His face though, is generally unangered, keeping a fairly placid look at most times. Due to his age, his visage is a bit worn and leathered, with very obvious lines about his eyes and mouth, though most of them seem to be more smile-lines than frown ones. Preferring to shave rather than let his hair grow out, he's generally seen with a five o'clock shadow, or some light stubble, depending on how long its been. His eyes are a grey-blue, and goes well with the neck-length, brown hair.

    His outfit is most definitely one belonging to a traveler, and has a thick, long-sleeved black shirt, over which is
    worn a thinner, brown short-sleeve one. (In warmer weather, he'll forgo the undershirt and just go with the short-sleeve.) His pants are worn, dusty, yet durable thick brown cloth, and a pair of hiking boots rounds off his basic attire. For cooler weather, he also has a thick, brown leather coat that comes down to his ankles, and for bright, sunny weather, he has a broad-brimmed hat of the same general brown as most of his other clothing.

    Also, if he's in the mountains for hiking, he has two pairs of gloves, a pair of thick leather ones for more intense sessions, but also a pair of fingerless as well, just for general climbing. On his back, also, is a worn leather backpack, with what appears to be brass buckles and snaps.

    History: There was once a time when Dewford was even smaller, and trainers weren't quite so common, a young boy received his first Pokemon. Isaac was thirteen, and with his father's assistance, had managed to capture an Aron from the nearby Granite Cave. However, the current Gym Leader, who would go on to mentor Brawly, still used Fighting-type Pokemon, and that proved that Isaac and Hazard, his Aron, could not defeat them. Rather than grow depressed and irritated with the constant failure, Isaac saw it as a challenge, and decided that he would have to leave home in order to increase his skills.

    Leaving home with nothing more than his Aron, Isaac began to travel over Hoenn. He soon found that Hazard's defenses proved much more successful against foes who weren't specialized in Fighting. He added a few others to his team, namely a Numel, an Onix, and a Mawile. With the group he had, choosing the powers of rock-hard defense, he soon found himself training at Rustboro, and was a trainer in the gym for a short time, though he was an apt learner, and quickly was able to master what the Gym Leader had to teach, regarding rock pokemon.

    Afterwards, he wandered a bit more, moving around from town to town, and ended up spending a lot of his time in the mountainous areas, scaling areas that many others were too afraid to climb into. It was during one of these hunts that Isaac stumbled across a fossilized piece of amber, which looked to contain the tooth of some creature. Excited at his discovery, he went back to Rustboro, and the professors, who were working on creating the process to turn fossils into Pokemon, were excited to his use as a live test run.

    The attempt proved to be a success, though the scientists admitted that there were many complications during the procedure that would have to be fixed before another attempt was made. Regardless, Isaac found himself in the company of an Aerodactyl, which he named Amber, after the fossil he'd found her in. Many years passed after that incident, and the man eventually found himself with seven badges, and only one area left to conquer: his hometown of Dewford. With the help of Amber, however, he was able to overcome the Gym Leader, and acquire his eighth badge, at seventeen years of age.

    Three more years of training later, the man was able to defeat the Elite Four of Hoenn, and became recognized as a talented trainer, but he did not consider himself a master; not yet. However, after having traveling all over Hoenn, he settled for a brief time, serving as the Gym Leader in Rustboro for a few years, just to give the previous Leader a break, who was chasing after a woman and needed time to catch her and settle down. Yet when that had occurred, Isaac had felt the pulling of wanderlust, and left the area behind, moving onto the region of Sinnoh, having heard tell of an interesting Pokemon of the Ground-type that caused Sandstorms wherever it went.

    Moving to Sinnoh did no prove to be an easy feat, yet the man, with his genial, easy-going nature, persevered, and after a few months was able to get settled, finding work with the Fuego Ironworks, where he and his Pokemon were able to help with little difficulty. However, after two years of this “training,” Isaac felt the bite of wanderlust once more, and headed to the desert, where he came across the large, Hippopotomas-like creature that he had heard the rumors of. While the fight hadn't been overly difficult, the capture had been, and when it had finally been captured, Behemoth the Hippowdon became a permanent, integral member of his team, despite her temperament.

    Over the next three years, Isaac traveled about Sinnoh, and succeeded in gathering the Gym Badges here as well, before confronting the Elite Four. Thanks to his Hippowdon, he had formed something of a Sandstorm team, and used it to his full advantage, and only after three attempts was he able to bring them down. After the battles, he contemplated heading to Kanto or Johto, to gather the rest of the badges...but instead he merely began to wander from place to place, using Pokemon Battles as a way to earn money, or having his Pokemon assist him at various job sites. He became something of a noteworthy, talked-about person amongst the Hikers, and though over the next twenty years, his wandering and climbing became less, and less-often, the tales of his exploits had grown into almost legendary proportions.

    Now at forty-seven, Isaac realized that in his wandering, he had failed to really make a name for himself amongst the Pokemon trainers of the world. Hearing the talk of this tournament, the man essentially gave a shrug and a grin to himself and entered himself into the tournament.


    Name: Hazard
    Nature: Careful
    Gender: Male

    Heavy Slam – Steel
    Stone Edge – Rock
    Double Edge – Normal
    Taunt – Dark

    Name: Behemoth
    Nature: Hardy
    Gender: Female

    Ice Fang – Ice
    Earthquake – Ground
    Curse – Ghost
    Slack Off – Normal

    Name: Amber
    Nature: Jolly
    Gender: Female

    Fly – Flying
    Roost – Flying
    Stealth Rock – Rock
    Stone Edge – Rock

    Kanto: DONE!

    Pokemon: Swinub @ 16
    Badges: 1/16

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