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    Penance 'Defender' Malum

    Penance awoke the next day as the light hit his eyelids. During the night other thieves had come into the house and all were slumbering on the floor. He sighed and got up and stayed as quiet as he could as he got his pack and walked out of the house. The grass crunched underneath his feet as he walked to where they were meeting and saw that Lyn, Hoodhide, Vigil, Dark Lightening, and Bloodthrister were there. He walked up and dropped his pack as he looked over everyone. "Lyn, Hoodhide, I need to talk to you two, over here." He said as he led the way to some nearby trees. He waited until the two came and nodded, "Right, first, I'm being trampled by some ancients, who do you focus on?" He would wait for their answers and asked another questions, "Dark Lightening has just been stabbed by an ancient as is soon going to die, who do you focus on?" He looked at them and waited for their answers once more. He truly needed to know that they understood what was important.

    It wasn't him, or any of the others. It was the brother first and foremost. Saying that you would do something was one thing, actually committing yourself to the idea and making sure that you followed through was another. Hopefully this exercise would help them remember what to do on the battlefield. What was important to the mission. It would be hard for them to resist helping the others, but they needed to do so.