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Originally Posted by Aquarius1997 View Post
If you all remembered in bw once you beat the game that Looker asked you to capture the rest of the sages(except ghetsis) if you did captured them they all said thier regrets for thier wrongdoings and said that they were duped by Ghetsis so why would two of the old sages,Rood and Zinzolin, join back up with Ghetsis

Also is anyone disappointed that those girls with the pink and blonde hair didnt have much of a plot they were just in that house with old plasma
Rood isn't back with Ghetsis, he just battles you to see your strength. He's the one who gives you Zorua. I would say that Rood was released for cooperation, and Zinzolin was busted out by Ghetsis after Ghetsis promised power and authority to Zinzolin. Rood probably wanted nothing to do with it, and chose to wait for N to return.
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