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    Originally Posted by DaEpicTrainer View Post
    Sınce the region is only islands, will the trainers be on land or afloat?It will be annoying if there is alot of trainers afloat ; you will need alot of repel to not be annoyed.
    The water's encounter rate will be turned down so no one gets too annoyed, but yes, there will be a decent amount of trainers afloat as well as on land and in cities. There are also land routes, so the game won't become super monotonous.

    Plus, Tentacool won't be popping up in EVERY SINGLE route like in real Pokemon

    EDIT: I would say only 30-40% of the region maps are actually water routes, so...

    Originally Posted by K2 XTREME View Post
    how early will surf be introduced as most of the region is water?
    Surf will be available after the first gym, but its base power is reduced to balance it out early in the game.

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