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    Adding more, just didn't want you to think I disappeared.
    Finally done, and sorry it took so long.

    Name: Orion Pierce
    Age: 18
    Date of Birth: May 22
    Gender: Male
    Hometown: Fortree, Hoenn
    Reason for Entering: Money, fame, and challenge. What else is there? Oh, maybe meet a few people too.

    At 4 ft. 10 in.(or 5ft. even with his hikeing boots), and no facial hair(to his distain), at first glance he seems younger than he actually is. It is only when you take a closer look that you start to see his age. The first thing most notice that his emerald green eyes almost always have a serious look to them, and seem to shift around. Orion's black hair lies flat, and the bangs never goes past his thin eyebrows and the rest just as short. His body, mainly his arms and legs, are covered in various scars from trees or swarms that flew through his room and his hands are rough. He doesn't have a lot of upper body muscle, but his legs are very well toned.

    Orion will usually wear jeans on a normal day, as long as it isn't too hot. Hikeing boots seem glued to his feet, mostly because they slightly increase his height, though may wear sandles if going somewhere like the beach. Orion prefers to wear a solid color short sleave shirt, and his old scarf around his neck that reminds him of his childhood, which after wrapping twice around his neck, both ends go down to the center of his back. He carries a canvas messenger bag which carries most of his equipment, including repels, potions, revives, ect.

    Orion was raised in Fortree, a 'town' of treeforts. His parents were gone most of the time at the Weather Institute, working on reasearch and rarly home. When he wasn't working on homework(he was homeschooled, so it was usually pushed to the night before it was due), he was out exploring around the trees and finding hiding spots, imitating moves from the "ninjas" like Koga and ambushing trainers. Windows were way to expensive to keep fixing all the time, and most people didn't even bother like his parents, so there where plenty of nights where Orion had to shoo away various types of Pokemon back outside. He was around 8 when he meet Desco, who at the time was a Gligar, who flew in and caused more of a havac than the natural invaders usually did. Orion caught it, and because it was thinner than the picture in a book showed, deduced that it probally wreaked his room in search for food. After careing for it, he decided to keep her, and named her Desco. It remains a mystery how Desco got to Fortree, though Orion thinks she was stranded after escapeing from a boat.

    After a few years, Orion also went on a journey throughout Hoenn, customary rite of passage for all children. But not without changing from his ninja clothing first. While most pokemon came and went from his party, Desco always seemed to be right behind him. He traveled leasurly, usually training new recuits. It wasn't until he won a Riolu in a battle tournement that he found another perniment Member. Around the last gym, Laharl(the Riolu) evolved into a Lucario, and Desco evolved into a Gliscor.

    Orion eventually beat all the gym leaders, and decided to travel to someplace new before trying to fight the Elite Four, which after a year of saveing up, ended up being Johto. He seemed to breeze past the gym leaders a little easier, and mostly focused on the extracurricular activities, like the Pokeathlon or the Battle Frontier. Orion was half way through the Johto gyms when he heard about the Pokemon Grand Tournament. What interested him most is the competition, though the money would be good to have to........Not that he has any idea what he would do with such a large amount of money.


    Desco (female)

    Species: Gliscor
    Nature: Adamant
    Moves: --Aerial Ace--Earthquake--Night Slash--Roost

    Laharl (male)

    Species: Lucario
    Nature: Jolly
    Moves: --Bulk Up--ExtreameSpeed--Close Combat--Thunderpunch--

    Athena (female)

    Species: Shuckle
    Nature: Bold
    Moves: --Power Split--Rest--Stone Edge--Gyro Ball
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