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Peyton Mills - Birch Enclave

In an instant the whole area became a total ambush. Peyton went ahead and shot a few knights down from afar. Missing a few shots here and there, she was able to follow a Blaziken to safety, hiding behind a formed rock.
My's awful out there. Peyton thought, as she tried to catch her breath. She hesitated by checking her supplies, and places her gun back inside.

The Blaziken turned to Peyton as she quickly organized herself for preparation once again. "Medic, help me out with some covering fire. Everyone else who wants to go, head for the building once we fire. Ready.... go!"

Peyton's heart sank as the Blaziken leader decided have her fire at the Knights. This was more than what she just killed. “Got it, sir Blaziken.” she responded. Taking out her shock gun, she filled in a few pellets inside the gun and pulls the trigger...multiple times. Sweat starts to fall from her face, but she doesn't have time to wipe, she had to cover fire for the Mechanists. “Come at me, Knights!” She yelled. While the Leavanny was waiting for more knights to appear, a Lucario slowly stepped in and walked towards her and the Blaziken. Either their cover was blown or he knew that they're hiding. Peyton drew down her gun, as she saw the Lucario approach by. Her heart starts to beat rapidly.

“I wish to see your leader, Mechanists.” he said.

“I wish to know who you are, first.” Peyton blurted out, pulling out her gun, standing up and in front of the stone. “I won't let you unless you tell me.”

Her eyes glued to the Lucario, standing...waiting and demanding for just an answer.

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