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Originally Posted by SnowpointQuincy View Post
I've never played Pokemon Mystery Dungeon, but I've heard great things on the forums yesterday. I was thinking of buying one. So, which would you recommend to start with?
Doesn't matter really - it's a great series and there's not much of a change in gameplay, though the stories are very different and all are a good purchase. Which one(s) can you afford right now? Buy however many you want, or can.
Originally Posted by SnowpointQuincy View Post
Should I just get the most recent one?
Ah, EoS. It's very good and has a lot of stories. As I said, if you want to, go ahead.
Originally Posted by SnowpointQuincy View Post
If I buy an older version, what features am I missing out on?
Nothing really - though the controls are a tiny bit more inconvenient (if you like using the touch screen) and the story is a bit shorter (the aftergame is longer though), but overall it's about the same value. Not that that's bad, but just consider which points you want the most. If you like story, go for EoS. If you just want to play the game, buy whichever one(s) you can afford, most likely Red Rescue Team. If you want an even balance, EoT/EoD is good.
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