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Originally Posted by Relith View Post
I understand why people think Archeops is a disappointment, but I think it's great after it learns acrobatics and has full health with no items attached. That means you get 4x attack ability for just obliterating the enemy team.
Why do you think Archeops is bad? I used one in Black and he was AMAZING! He really ripped apart teams with Acrobatics.

I wasn't originally going to use him cos of his unfortunate ability but hey, if you give something a go you might not be disappointed.

Originally Posted by Relith View Post
Anyway, the biggest disappointment in this generation is the starters. They all have their strengths and weaknesses, but they all lack the thing I call "awareness" which what I mean by that is that every pokemon I face in generation 5 with this guys fully evolved, it just goes terrible. Even if there is a type advantage over the enemy, Serperior can't deliver a one hit KO from leaf blade.
Serperior wasn't the best for me, I just don't work in sync with Grass Starters. Mine did have a hindering nature which made it hard for me, cos he couldn't even KO anything easily unless if he got a Coil boost.

Originally Posted by Relith View Post
Emboar can, but he only helps with taking out liepards & zebstrikas you find along the routes as well as helping in 3 ogyms. I really do think he looks stupid too.
Emboar actually turned out good for me, probably because the one I used had a beneficial nature and good IVs in Speed.

I know he's stuck with Arm Thrust until you get to the 6th Gym (as far as Fighting moves go) but once you get a Heart Scale, you can get him to learn Hammer Arm which hits HARD.

Originally Posted by Relith View Post
And finally we get to Samurott, the balanced water-type starter. Let me start of by saying he is a great pokemon.. In the beginning of the game where you must face the first gym leader he can be quite a help (even though there's a type advantage against you), but so are the other starters that I bashed. Just like every other starter in the generation, he eventually isn't relevant later on in the game. I have boxed all of my starters due to this.
Samurott did the best out of the starters, at least for me. It's just that I work well with Water Starters not to mention his stats are balanced and can use both special and physical attacks effectively.

Mine has a balanced moveset and he will always be one of my best.
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