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    Originally Posted by Kenshin5 View Post
    I just wonder, why Dragonite? Why not Hydregion or Salamence which is actually on her in-game team.

    Dragonite is the most random Pokemon they could have given to her. I mean they have the chance to give her a Deino, they could have worked in a Bagon.

    Then again...well Dragonite is one of the more popular dragons in Japan. I guess they realized "Oh crap, this is a super marketable Pokemon!" My issue is why didn't they just give her a Dratini? Heck even a Dragonair; why a fully evolve Dragonite?

    I mean they didn't give Ash a Garchomp, no they gave him a Gible to work with (who better show up and evolve at some point >_>).

    I'm sorry, this is the single worst piece of writing in the show's history. (Yes this is worst than Takuto because it's long term).
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