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Originally Posted by Akio123 View Post
A. Mew~, the fact that you had to point it out means this is one of the few victories you will ever have in life. Enjoy it ;D Kinda sad, but meh.
You do realise how disgusting what you just said was, right? What do you know about me to make such judgements, especially behind a computer screen. Don't be such a pessimist and admit your argument was wrong.

Originally Posted by Akio123 View Post
Dragonite is the most random Pokemon they could have given to her. I mean they have the chance to give her a Deino, they could have worked in a Bagon.
I thought it was pretty obvious it was it promote previous gen Pokémon, and to give her something to show we're going to be more old Pokémon...

If we're going for the "why not something in her in-game team?" argument, why does she have an Excadrill? Or that Emolga? Seriously though, the fact is it's a giant leap in the right direction. Her goal is to be a Dragon master, there wouldn't be any point in giving her a weak Pokémon to work with at this point. She already worked with a Deino, and she proved she could handle it and make it open it's heart to her. She also still has Axew. Dragonite proves she can control a bigger and more powerful Dragon...
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