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Originally Posted by SuperTreaz View Post
Username: SuperTreaz
What Game you will be playing with: Pt!
Name (In-game): NOAH
FC: 1978 0757 8741
Other (Anything else you’d like to add? Any Questions?):
1. When will battles be?
2. Any specific style? Double? Single? Mixed?
3. Can I help out with some prizes? I'm doing well with the Masuda method. I have a couple shiny starters from that. I'm willing to give some away.
4. Can we use all NU? I am after all, the Dunsparce Elder. :3
5. Please no sleep clause? Pweeze?
Welcome! Thanks for joining, hope you enjoy the tournament. As for your questions;

1. The battle will take place when we have at the very least 4 participants and no more interest is shown. (Which will most likely be soon)
2. Definitely single. I forgot to add that in the OP, so thanks for reminding me!
3. You're more than welcome to! That'd be a great contribution so thanks! =D
4. Yep, as long as the pokemon don't conflict with the ban-listed pokemon according to Smogon and the T&E thread
5. And no sorry, gotta keeps things fair. c:
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