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    A. Fair enough: Mew, lemme just go ahead and apologize I was in sort of a bad bad mood before (lack of sleep does that) and was sort of projecting. It was childish, and I would like to apologize. (I'm just apologizing Kenshin, not dragging it out)

    B. I'm using people Iris seems to look up to like Drayden or Cynthia. For some reason, I don't think they just caught their signatures, you know? Like, I feel to be a Dragon master, yes you need to capture many dragon Pokemon...that said I feel like...okay as terrible as a comparison as this seems like a breeder, you have to raise the Pokemon to it's fullest potential. Again, I don't think someone who randomly caught a Kingdra can be called a Dragon master.

    Admittedly, like a Pokemon master, it's a rather vague goal, but I dunno...she still seems like a bit of a novice. Then again, who knows? Maybe Dragonite will be sort of a weakling to balance things out. Or maybe it will be a more standard version of the Charizard expy this gen, who knows?
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