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    @Reader_Maniac: Thanks for getting it in~ You've got a good SU, though your history is a bit on the short side. Still, I'd be happy to accept that.

    @RyanRoksXD: Your reservation has expired.

    If anyone decides to take that spot then there will be no more reserves. Any further sign-ups are first come first serve. While this RP would function better with two, or even four, more players, I can only really let people join right now, or slightly after we start, so if anyone really wants a spot then don't be afraid to ask.

    Okay. So now we have an even number again. Call me impatient, but I figured out the random pairs, and all but one are random. That is, namely, the two slots that still don't have characters. I'd like you to make sure you're okay with who you got for a partner, so we can start as soon as possible.

    Drumroll please...
    Rion Mazer and Sidney "Sid" Ferguson

    Amaterasu Aoi and Eria Estella (This was actually random. Not kidding.)

    Spot Two and Spot Twelve

    Isaac Alexander and Orion Pierce

    Cody Rhodes and Alex Hall

    Jess Long and Kirkland Lawrence

    Salem "Rolly" Walters and Mina Avery

    So I hope everyone likes who they got. x3

    Because if they don't...there's NOTHING you can do about it I'll have to change stuff around, and it will probably be confusing.
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