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Originally Posted by mapsal313 View Post
Allright! I just downloaded alpha 3, and once again opened PMD EoD, and changed a word in the partner's speech. Specifically, when the partner is at the beach and says "This is where I always end up when I'm feeling sorry for myself", I changed the word "sorry" with the word bad. I then played the game on the emulator, and the partner now said "This is where I always end up when I'm feeling bad for myself".

In other words, your tool works perfectly! Great job! I can't wait for the beta.
I'm glad you approve! There are going to be a LOT of improvements in the future! I'm already working on the next release =P I've decided next release will be beta... But I haven't decided when to actually release the first beta. Could be Friday as usual, could be next Friday, I don't really know. All I do know, is I will announce the day beforehand. So, check back every so often =D
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