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Originally Posted by Billy-- View Post
Very nice description :) I actually made a map of the Valley from HMDS...I only got to make the village area so far....It's kinda just another text map for me to work things out... It'd be kinda cool if there was a spawn wild items code, like you have on the farm with the sticks and, stones. Excited to see the hearts, and day/night system too!
I supposed I could make items spawn randomly, but the official games usually have the items in static locations every day so you know what to expect (the 2D ones anyways. and this is a 2D project). I supposed I could even add it in and make it optional (I've done that with a few things so far).

Also, if you or anyone else wants to donate some maps to show off some of the features, that would be great. Maybe if/when the game gets a graphical upgrade, some maps from the official games could be used. I believe you mentioned you could rip some HMDS graphics. If you can get a full resource set, I will upgrade the graphics for in the upcoming release with it. It would be a huge help. Menu rips, item icons, facesets, tilesets, crop stages, and charsets (for animals too) are what's needed. Some of them are on TSR, so you could use that and fill in the blanks if you want. Otherwise, I might get to it eventually. If there are any other graphical styles anyone has in mind, please make note of them here (except FOMT. I do not like FOMT graphics for some reason. Also, I tried them before and they don't fit well in a grid using 32x32 tiles, which is what RMXP uses).

@Nickaloose: I actually didn't notice that the charset was different from the official one until I compared them. It was good enough to fool me at least, so good work on that.
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