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    I am working on a pokemon adopt site and I have just finished an outline for the story line. I am more of a coder than a writer so I am looking for some feedback and maybe some creative help. So I got my ideas down but there's probably a better way to present it. Thank you so much for looking it over note: I removed the images in post that are on site.


    Welcome to Poke Island soon to be trainer. You had to come here to recieve your very first pokemon and join the initiative to repopulate the world we live in with pokemon. To fix the mistakes of our past. As you know there are no more wild Pokemon to obtain! They have all been caught or battled for training till fainted. But there is still hope! It has been noted that no pokemon has fully gone extinct and that some one somewhere has it. As such it is everyones duty to level the pokemon, care for them, breed them, and then trade them to other trainers. For doing such work you will be paid for your efforts to buy items and new pokemon eggs to raise.

    Battling Forbiden

    That's right, Pokemon battles are now outlawed and illegal to partake in. This decision is to stop the loss of more wild pokemon that are brutally trained on and never recieve medical aid, but are left fainted in the wild. This also stops trainer negligence who push their pokemon to hard. This will also free up a lot of recourses as medication, status healers, and free healthcare will not be overburdened. We understand your conce with the issue of leveling your pokemon so please read on to our scientific findings.

    Prof. Oak's Findings

    Professor Oak has been studing pokemon for many years. He came up with the theory that pokemon do not need to battle to evolve or level up and get stronger. But rather it is social interaction that enables them to develope and live a healthy life. Many were astonished at this fact but many of the other scientist confirmed it to be true. Even though battleing does drive up a pokemons experiance, it is just social interaction, experiances can be achieved through safer means. This obviously helped push the laws that eventually outlawed battling completely.

    New Technology

    With humans and pokemon sharing the same world space began to run out pretty quick. But a new Poke Box has also been developed, one that can theoretically hold an infinite amount of pokemon. As such pokemon are not allowed to wonder about without a trainer. This keeps everyone safe from wild pokemon attacks, or illegal pokemon training battles. Pokemon are also tagged convienanlty to their owners and can not be easily stolen. This allows any trainer to take out a pokemon even if they do not own it. What they can do with the pokemon is limited to only social interaction but this way trainers can work together to take pokemon out of the box system and help them develope. However the owning trainer is in full control if their pokemon evolves, recieves an item, is used for breeding, or is traded.

    We Hope You Enjoy Your Social Adventures Here at PokeBox
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