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    Note: The current version is 1.1

    Hey everyone. I decided I'd release this here because some people might find it useful. It's an assembler I just finished for the GameBoy and is pretty powerful. Here's a screenshot.

    Here's a full unique feature list from the read-me:

    -Dynamic addressing (AKA label support, and the ability to call and jump to them)
    -Code highlighting
    -White space can be ignored, so instructions like " ld a , 5F" will assemble successfully. It should be noted that spaces and other characters act the same as commas, so don't feel like you need a comma just because it's proper
    -Error checking on-the-spot and highlighting
    -Support for just assembling code right away without opening a ROM
    -Read-only zones that prevent code from being written in certain areas
    -Rewrite zones, which fill a specified area with 00s so you can safely rewrite a chunk of code
    -Code previewing, which shows where your code will be written line-by-line
    -Safe file IO (warnings when you would lose your code if it was unsaved)
    -Code insertion - "This generates code compatible with any language that uses curcly-bracket array assigning in the case you might want to make software automatically insert your assembly into a ROM. This only generates the code containing the values, so you still have to write them to the proper addresses yourself."
    -Trace disassembling - the disassembler will start at a certain point and follow jumps, calls, and returns until the call stack is empty
    -Bank-changing emulation - this is very weak and only emulates LD A,# and LD (####),A instructions, but when the accumulator is written to 2000-2FFF, the program will attempt to change the current bank if possible. Perhaps full emulation will come in the future

    Update Log
    1.0 - Initial Release

    1.1 - Fixed a bug that made instruction E9 appear as jp (hl) when it should just be jp hl. Also added instruction DE (sbc a,n)

    Finally, here's the download:

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