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    Route 2 has been mapped, on to Laikos City. This one will be one of my favorites. No screenies though, I'm all done until I get scripts inserted, or at least for a while.

    Originally Posted by Pokemon Trainer Kevin View Post
    You should add Gen 4 and 5 Pokemon, since they are some of my favorites, and remove some of the Pokemon that not many people like.
    I have suggestions, like Lucario, Meinshao, Darmanitan, Haxorus, Hydreigon, Volcarona, Lilligant, Stoutland, Garchomp, Floatzel, and possibly the evolutions of the Old Pokemon, like Electivire, Rhypherior and Roserade, etc.

    Also, really looking forward to this hack, it looks interesting, yet fun at the same time!
    I also hope the Gym Leaders and other bosses are challenging ;]
    I've made the decision to insert some gen IV and V Pokemon, but not the "favorites", if you might say. Just the ones that a) I like and want, b) ones that fit in the region and areas c) ones that Gym Leaders/E4 should definitely have.

    The Gym Leader's levels will be based off of where my Pokemon's levels are at that point, as well as the E4, bosses, etc. and wild Pokemon. And I'll warn you, I play a mean game of Pokemon.

    Beta 1 Coming Soon! ||||||||||