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Originally Posted by Akio123 View Post
Tell that to Buizel. He really didn't listen to Dawn, right off the back. Yeah, he was caught, but they still kind of had to befriend him first. Heck even Swinub and Emolga were pretty awful. Also, remember it's called the Roughneck Dragonite, I mean a 180 in personality after 1 episode seems like even worse writing to me. I mean I'm going to be honest; there is NO way to make Iris not seem like a Mary-Sue if she is still sort of a novice and she's getting a supposedly Jerky pseudo-legendary to be all happy and palsy with her after 1 episode...I'm sorry that just...that's really lazy writing then.

Yes, Axew is getting stronger more and more by the day, but that's her legitimately raising a Pokemon to it's fullest (compare him not being able to use Scratch properly at first, to being able to land a good clean hit with Giga Impact on Garchomp). I applaud her for that, and as I said before, I want her to have more dragons, but all that said give her something else to raise into a strong Pokemon. Heck, they can give her a strong baby pokemon or a 1st stage evo Pokemon. (Again, I would have totally been in love with her getting a Dragonair).

Off topic: Are we not labeling that it's Season 2 with each episode?
I don't see even if Dragonite was used that it would really obey per say. Dragonite could do what it wants and not listen to Iris commands then Bearartic and Georgia show Dragonite what it means to work as a team and it is in a way humbled like Charizard was against Poliwrath. No it doesn't have to be a one episode turn around and I don't think it will be the relationship will progress over time.

No not yet, I will probably re-add it once I get to redo all the topics post BW 023 & 024 as I don't think they will ever air the Plasma episodes early on. And if you create a topic instead of posting (Spoiler) in the topic title use the suffix next to topic title.

Originally Posted by Akio123 View Post
^A. She hasn't really made Axew a Haxorus yet. I don't see that as a valid argument until it's at least a Fraxure.Yeah, it's stronger than it was before, but it still has ways to go. We just have two very different opinions here

B. It's not really an assumption, it's a giant leap that goes from "Dragon master in training" right to Mary Sue.

C. It would be predictable, and yeah they want to advertise old gen, but they are doing it to advertise B2W2. (That's why Cynthia now has a Glaceon). I mean I wold accept this argument if she got Flygon (begrudgingly, but I still would). I mean then it's the same as Cilan arbitrarily getting a Garchomp.

All in all, I'll say it again, I like Iris getting more dragons. My issue is that this in particular dragon just seems so random. (You said it yourself). With that logic of BW ending soon, that is the same sort of justification used for Togekiss. It just doesn't work for me is all.
Evolution is a point you can hang your hat on, but as we have seen in the past Ash has plenty of unevolved pokemon with ample strength to even live up to their evolve forums i.e. Bulbasaur.

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