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This isn't really a suggestion, but just my two cents on this topic:
One of the reasons why I fear making topics analyzing some of the "secrets" of BW is because with the release of B2W2, the "mystery" might have been solved, and spoilers may trickle in--and even if they're behind spoiler tags, if the mystery has been solved, what is there to discuss?
Since not everyone has played B2W2, it just creates a huge divide. And since I'm guessing that most people have played them already, or at least read up on what occurs, there just doesn't seem to be a need to post in this board.

As to how this issue can be solved, I can't really offer much of a solution. Maybe instead of Pokemon weekly polls, there could be a mix of characters and locations? It adds more to the section at least, and it does add a bit to discuss.