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Whoops. Accidentally reset the tutorial city tiles for the game. There are 5 of those, and 4 of those were my largest cities (most of the actual population of those was my work, though).


We begin with a map I created using Sim City Region and Config Creator. That's too big to create an overview image of that Imageshack will upload. Oh, wait, Imgur! Just hope it doesn't shrink it.

Overview image (warning: MASSIVE 4068x2068):

This region is called the Trimblelina Republic, named so for the nation I roleplayed as back in my major Sim City days. All cities will be named after my major cities from those days.

Then I build a city on one of the tiles. This will be named Trimblelina City.

We move a bit closer in. Can't really see anything yet.

Still closer in. We can kind of make out some details.

Even closer in, this is the west half of the town.

And to finish things off we have the eastern half!

Trimblelina City is still a very, very small town.
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