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    Originally Posted by Kenshin5 View Post
    I don't see even if Dragonite was used that it would really obey per say. Dragonite could do what it wants and not listen to Iris commands then Bearartic and Georgia show Dragonite what it means to work as a team and it is in a way humbled like Charizard was against Poliwrath. No it doesn't have to be a one episode turn around and I don't think it will be the relationship will progress over time.

    No not yet, I will probably re-add it once I get to redo all the topics post BW 023 & 024 as I don't think they will ever air the Plasma episodes early on. And if you create a topic instead of posting (Spoiler) in the topic title use the suffix next to topic title.

    Evolution is a point you can hang your hat on, but as we have seen in the past Ash has plenty of unevolved pokemon with ample strength to even live up to their evolve forums i.e. Bulbasaur.
    A. See if it doesn't obey, then that's at least some sort of writer's saving throw. I mean if we have a violent high leveled (and thusly VERY dangerous) Pokemon magically being pals with Iris after an episode, then that's as Mary Sue-ish as Richie, Xion, Sora, Soledad and Bella Swan combined. I mean if it's humbled, yeah it's an expy, but at least it's a good way to develop it's character. I mean even Mamoswine after he started listening was sort of Tsundere-ish and aloof, you know? Charizard disobeyed for a long time. Excadrill gets a pass because he's Iris's starter and thus been with her the longest. If one episode after it starts listening then...yeah. (Buizel was different because...well let's face it he listened but he was still a bit of jerk throughout the entire run of D/P XD). As such...I disagree, I think that Dragonite will progress over time with his/her relationship with Iris.

    B. Okay fair enough, it's just I noticed the title change and I added the BW2 thing because Newtype considers it a sequel series.

    C. I get your point, but...wouldn't Squirtle have been a better example? I mean you pick the one that rejected evolution lol. I'm not saying that a Pokemon in it's first stage can't be strong, I admitted earlier Axew has gotten stronger (I did point out, it did dent all seem to be overlooking that just to argue). It's just that, because Iris was GIVEN Axew to become a Haxorus, and given that BW is ending soon (like Mew said), shouldn't that be more of the focus, than just deciding "Oh wait, she needs a new Dragon!" (important, but at the very least by now it should be a Fraxure).
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