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    @Riansky; This is a well designed map, and I love the tiles and palettes you've used, however a few things of note:

    -The cliffs you use are vertical, meaning that, at present, the stiars you have are being presented as a ladder in terms of dimensiality (shut up, it's a word if I say it is). What you need to do is add another tile of stairs so that it is at least three tiles high, preferably four. Think about the whole pythagoras thing if you aren't sure what I mean.
    -Speaking of the cliffs, they apparently disappear when you get to the trees. What you should do is remove all your trees from where the cliffs run into them and below, take the cliffs out to the edge of the map, then replace your trees accordingly.
    -You appear to have some kind of omni-directional shadows coming off your houses. Pick a direction and stick to it.
    -The four-wide path at the bottom left of the upper tier is quite disconcerting. Probably best to keep it to three-wide.
    -The top right house should probably be moved left two tiles and the soil be placed within the (extended) fence, with the path widened out to the house and the two tiles next to the letterbox of the left house made into just regular grass.

    Hopefully that makes sense. Great work on this map, mate.