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So, I finally ended up seeing it and sorta liked it! It was certainly better than the original Spider-Man, which I hated so much upon a first watch that I refused to give its sequels the light of day. Indeed, Andrew Garfield >>>>>>> Tobey Maguire in the Spidey stakes (and Emma Stone >>> Kirsten Dunst, but Emma Stone is normally >>> anything, so there was never going to be a contest). And the 'teenage angst' that's so heavily in the Spidey formula actually felt a lot more real; Peter Parker felt more like a teenager in his gangly awkwardness and in his interactions with Gwen.

But then they had to go it all by doing something stupid like making Rhys Ifans the most boring villain ever. I appreciated the subtlety given to his character in the first act, but as his transformation wore on, it just became more a case of LIZARD SMASH! than anything else. If the film had just been about Peter Parker coming to terms with his new powers, it would have been so much better. It also would have bombed hard, but it would have been a better film, nonetheless! :D