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Chapter 7
Enter N
Present Day

N had a lot of time to ponder with nearly an hour spent in supersonic flight. He was confident that nobody could spot him, all they would see was streaks of black and blue. Zekrom was enjoying the flight. It couldn’t remember the last time it had experienced such speed. N, on the other hand was meditating, concentrating on his problems while they passed over Sinnoh. It was much harder than anyone could imagine, flying at supersonic speeds on a black dragon’s back while trying to collect his thoughts. But he managed by sheer willpower. His childhood was more complicated than that of soap opera heroes. His father was a ruthless Pokémon thief and mercenary. His mother had died just after his birth. He’d run away from home at the age of 6 with his Zorua. He was then raised in an orphanage where he only stayed for 2 years after which he ran again. By the age of 10, he had become a seasoned Pokémon trainer, his Pokémon were very close to him, and he was very good at raising them. It was at that time when Ghetsis found him and took him in. The rest was history.

Dragonspiral Tower
Present Day

Zekrom was now fast approaching Unova. They landed on Dragonspiral Tower, which was ironic as that was where they’d first met. N got off its back. It felt good to be home…

As he climbed down the steps N was fidgeting with his cube. It was the only thing he still had from his father. He was feeling stupid, Ghetsis had outsmarted him again. However, it wasn’t too late. Ghetsis would still think that the Shadow Triad had taken care of him. Now, he needed to collect his thoughts, form a plan, figure out where Ghetsis really was, get some help and save the world. Yeah, it was that simple.

He finally understood why Ghetsis was still in Unova. It was because of the collective spirit of the human race. Spirits were a common misconception. They were usually thought to be the soul of the dead and forgotten, with something to prove, usually revenge. But that was not entirely true. Spirits also existed as a collection of thoughts, as a collection of ideas. Human civilization is nothing but the collective spirit of the human race. And the center of civilization was Unova. Now he needed to find the center of the center…
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