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    Originally Posted by cruciFICTION View Post
    Those starter names aren't very original. I've just skimmed through and caught up on info I haven't seen in the past two or three months, and that's really the only comment I have to make (other than that I'm glad this is still going on).

    Shade + Fox
    Shade + Wolf
    Shade + Beast

    You can do better than that, I'm sure. The main problem is that you have too many hard sounds trying to join together. It doesn't work. It sounds blunt and tired and boring. It sounds like every 12 year old's attempt at epic fantasy. It sounds like a first draft.
    I would also have to mention that it's very... zorua + riolu + ninetales in terms of graphical design, but that's not my department.

    I look forward to this continuing. Keep it up, my friend.
    Hmm ... I shall try to rethink the names, they were drafts anyway.

    anywhooo I have started to GBCinate the Battle Scenes.

    More mapping done.

    What's happened to this town? and what is this man and Lord M up to?

    The world's smartest man, Lord M! challenges the player to a battle.
    His team are not very strong for the first fight.
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