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    He watched the Yanma's wings curiously, noticing them beat faster and faster. Speed Boost was still going, pushing the Pokemon's speed up to its maximum limit. That was what happened with that ability. However, that also meant that... everything around it got slower and slower at least as far as he could tell. It made for a rather difficult way to fight. Hopefully that was true. If not, oh well. That just meant wing it.

    "Vuh-holca hah-hates support moves," he commented softly. "He juh-juh-hust wants to -deh-destroy anything. So..." He trailed off before adding. "Ih-ih-hisn't theh-here wuh-one problem with speh-spe-speed? Reh-Reflexes?"

    Just because your whole body had sped up didn't mean your reflexes and senses caught on.

    As Volca had scuttled along, small flames had formed around three of his shifting horns, the objects pointed in a curve. Sonic Boom flew dangerously close, missing by a hair, but Volca didn't falter. Skye nodded, believing he had got it right. Close to Yanma, Skye whistled once more. Volca's blue eyes flickered and three of his horns spat a stream of fire to the right. He began to spin, creating a small tornado of fire around himself, which crept closer to Yanma as it grew.
    "Perhaps I misjudged you after all."

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