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    Jack Jacobs
    Dorm Room

    So his eyes were close, his head was resting on his most comfortable of pillows that the academy had to offer yet still Jack couldn't sleep a wink. At the end of the day maybe it was a bit too early to even be thinking about sleep, but in his current mental state all he wanted to do was just do nothing at all. The restlessness was unbearable and Jack soon found himself staring out the window looking at the students walking around and conversing with each other.

    Jack had already jumped into bed without changing his clothes so when he decided to take a stroll outside. As he walked he tried to ignore where Danielle and the others were supposed to be not wanting to bring down the whole mood with his current state of mind. There was so much to see while just taking in the sights and as he spotted trainers battling what better way to put him asleep than watching a boring battle.

    A Hariyama versus a Grovyle, Jack leaned against a tree and began to watch the battle, hoping for maybe a inch of excitement.
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