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    Hanso awoke with a start. Weird nightmare, he thought, pushing himself into a sitting position. Some of the details were slipping from his mind, but he recalled that there were a frenzied Marowak and a maniacal Cacturne who were both chasing him to his death for something he'd done. Doesn't mean anything, does it? Looking up, Hanso saw that the treehouse had acquired several more residents. Sunlight was shining through the entrance, and he could hear distant talking.

    He stood up and grabbed his pack before stepping around the sleeping thieves, making his way out the door. After waiting a few seconds for his eyes to adjust, Hanso turned and walked toward the Decreement. It was a few minutes before he joined the other Gold Tribe members, moments after Calamity.
    More of his nightmare had slipped from his memory, but it was enough to make him think. Hanso had heard of some Psychic Pokemon seeing into the future, sometimes as a side-effect to knowing how to use Future Sight in a battle. Personally, he had never seen the future, so his nightmare was probably just that. Still, if the Gold Tribe had never come to the forest and planned out this ambush, Hanso doubted he would've had a nightmare about it.

    It might be nothing, he thought, putting his pack down before opening it. As he pulled out his bracer and put it on his arm, his thoughts wandered back to the previous night. I hope I won't need to use it as an emergency today. Not to mention that Hanso hadn't had a chance to try a Heal Pulse after going through Demas' machine.