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    Nika Valentine

    No! How could Yanma have missed at this critical juncture? There was no reason its accuracy should be dropping, Sonic Boom should have struck true. They had worked so hard to get this far without taking any damage and now it seemed all for nothing. There was only one chance.

    "Detect." She commanded. If Yanma could detect the moves path and avoid it perfectly. Yanma's eyes once again flashed red, but flickered this time. Yanma set off with purpose, moving with great speed... directly through the flames.

    "NO!" Nika screamed, displaying more emotion than she had the entire battle. The rage and fear was clear on her face as Yanma flew through the fire and out the other side, falling to the ground with a soft 'fhwump', badly burned and unconscious. The damage seemed to have been critical and taken Yanma out with a single hit.

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