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    Originally Posted by DarkRisingGirl View Post
    Make sure to add Stunfisk & Dunsparce! lol you have too because of your signature.
    Well, duh. Plus, Dunsparce actually aren't that bad of pokemon if they learn the right moves. Stunfisk, on the other hand...

    Originally Posted by ChikoritaMudkipz View Post
    Love the idea of the story. It's unique without straying too far away from the norm.
    I wish I could comment on mapping and tiles, But for some reason I don;t seem to be loading any pictures that you're posting.

    I wish you luck.
    Yeah, I needed to do something original, but I hate it when hacks go all unique and do something weird and crazy that makes it seem like it isn't even a Pokemon game. I love the concept of Pokemon, I just wanted to make a game that challenges your sense of right/wrong and makes you think a little bit as well as mindless battling.

    Originally Posted by DaleH771 View Post
    The graphics look amazing and the mapping looks very, very well done, I cannot wait for a Beta
    Thanks, although none of the tiles are really mine, as I can't sprite from scratch worth crap. I edit them, change them a little, fix them up, but the bases really don't belong to me. I mixed and matched to create a unique style.

    The mapping is something I take pride in, so thanks. that actually means a lot.

    EDIT: I mean, not to sound conceited in any of this...

    Beta 1 Coming Soon! ||||||||||