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    Nika Valentine

    How could this have happened? Yanma missed an attack he should have landed easily, and then Detect went as badly wrong as it possibly could have. She had been so close to clearing the hurdle that was Volca, but had fallen short. A crushing defeat.

    Blocking out everything around her - Skye, Volca, even Yanma - she closed her eyes and took a steadying breath. Gradually she pushed her emotions back down, locked them away where they wouldn't embaress or endanger her. Her strictly controlled expression returned to her face and she opened her eyes, stepping forward.

    "That's kind of you to say," she said, her voice once again politely neutral. "Though I was at a disadvantage from the start. I only train bug types, so your Larvesta was the worst possible opponent for me." With her left arm cradling the egg case and its precious cargo she used her left to take Yanma's Dusk Bull from her satchel and return the exhausted pokemon for a well deserved rest. "I'd like to apologise for my previous outburst. It was uncalled for, I normally like to try and be more professional than that."

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