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    Originally Posted by droomph View Post
    Okay, first up. I'm thinking that we could give some of the command names a facelift. For example, "load" can be fully understood (phonetically, anyways) by "ld" so there's no need to waste two more characters to express the same thing.
    That may be true, but I like "load" better. =) It's easier to read and understand. As for the others, once I get the names fixed, we (meaning PC) can decide on good names.
    Originally Posted by droomph View Post
    And some are really...weird. For example, you use "bot" to refer to "bottom". It's not a big deal, though it was very confusing when I started referring to "bot" as "robot". Of course there are no "robots" in PMD but that's just something that bothered me.
    And why in the world did you think 'bot' meant 'robot'? xD I mean, yes, it is used as such in other places, but that's why you study. =)
    Originally Posted by droomph View Post
    Also some indentation would be nice in the commands but it's fine with me that only the Hex is indented. And some syntax highlighting (nothing big, just color the "command" red or something) would be appreciated, but it's totally understandable even without the colors.
    This is something I will consider. Indentation and colors. Right now, I'm making it more like XSE, and as you know, Hackmew didn't indent much of anything. But I'm considering it, and my include it in a future release.

    As another note... for now, the full descriptive assembly is really only to help me. I may remove it in a future version, and make it like HackMew did where you need to know the codes and stuff to use it, but have a separate box for descriptive, or a checkbox or something.
    Originally Posted by droomph View Post
    Other than that, it feels completely natural and understandable (and fun!) to use this tool. I hope you make other tools too! Your design techniques are some of the best I've seen! (sorry HackMew)
    =D I'm glad you like it. But, honestly, I made it mainly the way I like it. I'm sure HackMew was the same way. The way he codes, and the way I code are different, and we both have different ideas. That said, a lot of my work stems from how XSE works, so I really have HackMew to thank for a lot of this.

    That said... there were always a few thing I thought I could make better than HackMew, and with my own tool, I can! (And had to, really.) His tool works by literally repointing the offset to the script and saving it in a new offset. You can't do that with time/darkness/sky. You have to save it to a file, and load everything based on files. Because of this, the whole "#org" idea wasn't going to work here. So, I devised my own method, and it seems to work quite well. =D

    I'm still contemplating only using a single textbox, and having the ability to switch from Hex to text and back. We'll see how well the two boxes idea works out.
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