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    Welcome to the grand Eevee League! I am the coordinator of The Eevee League and would like to share with you this great league.

    Please Note: All of the "clans" in this league are somewhat like "divisions" or "gyms". They are not actual clans with clanwars. Consider them as part of the league, which they are. Clan wars will just be friendly competition in between the divisions. In this way, they are not "clans". Each division or clan is based upon a different style of battling or emotions.

    The Eevee League
    The Eevee League (TEL) is a group of united clans that would wish to be described together for tournaments and clan wars.

    Creating a Clan for TEL
    If you are a part of a clan or would like to create a clan, contact me so I will be able to add you to our league. Together is the way to go.

    Jobs of TEL Members
    In TEL, besides battling, we have other jobs for you to check out.
    As the name implies, you will be breeding Pokemon as prizes for the winners of tournaments. This job is very important. All breeders will receive an emblem* for use in their signature.
    The organizers will be in charge of devising (evil) ways of battles such as LC and NU. They are purty important, also and will receive a custom emblem* from me to use in their signature.
    Leaders are important members of TEL. They are the masters of individual clans in TEL and are very trustworthy. They will get an emblem to show their worth.

    *emblems - NOT official emblems for use in your profile. These emblems are just made by me to signify you have done a good deed in TEL.

    Representative Fights
    In the league, besides voluntary fighting, we will have representatives chosen for each clan to fight and bring great fame and fortune to your clan. Winners will receive prizes based off of the runner-up's Pokemon.

    Currently In
    The Arcanian Clan (TAC) -
    and their rivals, the Seviperian Clan (SC) -

    Battling Rules
    In Generation IV, Multi-Battles and Single Battles are acceptable.
    In Generation V, Triple Battles, Single Battles, and Multi-Battles are acceptable.

    All higher ranking members of clans in TEL must use some of the symbolic Pokemon of their clan.

    Welcome, all members of TEL! As of today, we are beginning our first OFFICIAL TOURNAMENT!
    The rules are simple, win!
    *Double battles are not allowed, however, multi-battles are.
    *Both the winner and loser must agree to who lost for it to be considered official.
    *All results should be sent to me and will be posted onto this page, under Results.

    The Arcanian Clan - 0W/0L/0T
    In clan - 0 MVPs, so far.

    Seviperian Clan - 0W/0L/0T
    In clan - 0 MVPs, so far.

    The Champion
    To become the champion of TEL, you must defeat all of the Clan Leaders of clans in TEL. Currently, SuperTreaz is the champion.

    Thank you for your time,
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