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    Originally Posted by EternallyAnna View Post
    Nah that stuff comes from Groudon shaking the earth apart and messing with the crust plates. Tidal waves don't increase water, the just displace it. And but you can't do minimal expansion with Groudon- a volcano blows or it doesn't and once it does it's uh rather hard to stop. It's a massive event. Whereas rains are common and happen anyway, the floods will just be a bit more.
    Actually, here's what the Pokedex says about Groudon,

    "Groudon has long been described in mythology as the Pokémon that raised lands and expanded continents. This Pokémon took to sleep after a cataclysmic battle with Kyogre."

    That said, in worst case scenario we could evacuate the areas of volcanic activities, an, like you plan, wait some number of years.

    Originally Posted by EternallyAnna View Post
    Hey we don't have to transport too much in the way of food- we can have greenhouses on the city-ships and trawl for fish as well. Easy once you get it going!

    Pirates we may be, but we are cool, comfortable and covered. Best thing for a hot, buggy forest!
    You would have to have strict weight regulations, and someone to check very far down on whatever supports are holding you up. With as many people and facilities as you mentioned there's no way your city will float. It might be able to be suspended over the water, but you'd have to be close to some form of land for the water not to be too deep to build supports down to the floor.

    I don't consider short-sleeved midriffs very covering. Team Magma is more covered than Aqua.

    Originally Posted by EternallyAnna View Post
    Yep, because we will create cities which offer a good quality of life and amazing bounty. Those who don't move will likely be flooded, but that is their own stubborn fault. If you knew chances were that your entire city would be flooded a bit more every year and eventually submerged, would you not move? The instinct for survival tends to be stronger than stubborn pride. But it's entirely their choice.
    See, we're not attempting to take them away from what they know. It's easier that way, if their lives get to remain the same, or at least similar, to how they are on land already.