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Welcome all to the Seviperian Clan!

In the Seviperian Clan or SC, we are ruthless.
We could throw strategy out the window. Pure strength is all we need. Of all things, we could easily Wrap our opponents to death... I mean faint... We are the coldest part of the mind.

From the weakest Ekans to the strongest Seviper, we will become warriors together.

Joining SC is simple.
All you must do is reply to this thread with the Pokemon games you play, your friend code, and your name.

We have a few things to say.
We're in TEL.
We're not afraid of you.
Snakes are the most glorious.

Currently, besides SuperTreaz, are members are:
R a c h e l! :D
Blissey (Kobora) :3

We are beginning our first tournament! It will be between us, and the Arcanian scum. Hopefully we will win!
All of the rules will be found on the TEL page.

Here in SC, we have a couple of ranks. The first is the Ekans. The next is the mighty Onix. Then the Steelix. Then the Arbok. And finally, the magnificent Seviper.

If you want to be better known here, you're going to want to do some battles. We're bitter enemies with Arcanines. Fighting them can get you to a higher rank up here. To be exact, every 10 wins you have will boost you in rank.

And, if any Arcanines are reading this... Watch out, we know Glare.
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