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    Pokémon Apexin Version

    The plot: The reason I first started the game was to impress people. But it turned out I wanted to do a bit more. Give pokemon fans a newer game than what nintendo ever made. Turns out a bunch of people like the idea of having a event pokemon, several event pokemon able to be obtained in a real game. It's something people have complained about for a long while. There are also many who complain about not being able to obtain all 493 (Thinking on all 649 unsure if it's going in game) But either way I wanted to give a bit more experience than what is able to be obtained in real non-fangame pokemon games.

    The Story:

    Long ago, in the Hoenn region a pokemon lived on a separate island from humanity. That pokemon was said to have came from a meteor, it was said to have lived on a island shaped as a Triangle that is said to symbolize a trio of pokemon. That trio lives on today, 15 years after the accident with Groudon and Kyogre. Deoxys has migrated out of the Hoenn region to move to the Hoexia region. After 4 more year's of sleep Deoxys has finally awoken from it's slumber, but to only become the worlds worst nightmare. Cyrus, a being who once tried to destroy the Shinnoh region has returned. To only remove anyone in his path of destruction. Travel and learn the secrets that have been held for centuries! Family members will be lost forever, Time will stop! Destruction will rain upon humans of society. Judgement day will come! Space, Time and Reverse will awake. Your life will no longer be the same. Watch as destruction comes again. Meet many old characters! Such as, Steven Stone, Giovanni, Blue, Red and Many Many more! While journeying through Hoexia, Various pokemon will show up and assist you in battle! Watch as the legendary Arceus is taken out in combat! Stand and watch as Uxie appears before you and your sisters eyes. The barriers between reality and (Whatever that other thing is) shatters. To be exact, you will just experience more than what you would expect from normal games. (Not fan-games)

    Meet the Characters:

    Character: Gold & Rebekah

    Age's: 14
    Bio: Gold was a ordinary person with a ordinary life. Until one day in school his sister Rebekah told him to her at the entrance to the underground tunnels. Little did he know his life was about to change during that meeting.

    Bio: Rebekah was a ordinary person with a ordinary life. Until one day in school her brother Gold told her to meet him at the entrance to the underground tunnels. Little did she know his life was about to change during that meeting.

    Please make a note of Gold! He will be REPLACED once the male character is complete! Dawn will also be replaced once the female sprites are complete.


    Home Town (Marowana Town-Temp Name.)

    Marowana Town Hole.

    Route 601

    Inoca Town


    The Pokemarket!


    The Pokemarket. One of the only things never put into the game. Just like a Pokemart But! At this place you can buy various rare pokemon! From any that are not in the game to some that are!

    Pokemon Follow the Character!



    Mapping: 23%
    Scripting: 17%
    Graphics: 10%
    Music: 100%
    Storyline: 16%

    Updates will be made when ever I get the chance to get to it.

    -Maruno: Used Pokemon Essentials to make the game.
    -Zingzags & Help-14: Pokemon Follow Character script.
    -P-Sign: Up coming update to Ultimate B/W pack, Using sprites in the game.
    -Donlawride: Tileset's I found off google.
    -Kingsnivy: I have some Tileset's by him I might use them it's unknown.
    -WesleyFG: Only a few Tileset's. They are are for public usage.
    -Kyledove: I have some Tileset's by him. But I don't use them even though they are in the same spot with the tileset's I do use.
    -Jeremy Diver: A friend online that helped make some stuff in the game. Such as the intro BG.
    -Spriters-Resource: Character overworlds and a bunch more.
    -Ray Auger: Gave me the region name for the game.
    -Mew339: Helped with a bit of stuff like tilesets and a couple more graphics.
    -Boomxbig: Few tileset's nothing much but asked for credit's.
    -CNG:Gave me a bunch to work with from his HG/SS Kit.
    -Rebekah Howard: Drew and designed the male and female character's for the game. She also drew the Rival character. Special thanks to her. ;D
    -Icegod64:Gave me the item's script.
    -Ksiazek Bartlomiej: Makes music for the game. Remakes old into newer style.
    -hansiec: In return for some pictures he made a few scripts for me. Thanks to him some scripting work might be able to get done.
    -Rafael-Animal: Created Pokemon Essentials B/W, And I used overworlds from that.
    -Yuzuki: Map fixer/maker, Scripter.
    -FL: FL is in the credit's because his B/W pack was placed in the game. It is going to possibly be taken out because I don't like the idea of having all 649 Following the character. It shows to reason I will possibly take them out. If I decide to leave them in I will leave his credit here.
    Although this seems like a long list of credits, I literally don't get any help from people (Other than a few). It's complicated. Well either way we are still looking for a team. Right now there is only 3 working on the game.

    Help is Needed!

    So far the project is only done by one person. There is almost 20 map's completed. Some maps need to be completed with event's and what not. Demo's won't be available until I complete it up to the 3rd gym which needs to be edited and changed.
    What I need for a team is:
    -A Scripter-To make new wonderful script's to make the game great.
    -Spriter-To make new character's later on.-3 more needed.
    -Someone for Graphic's: I am unable to do graphic's and I only have a few to work with so I don't mix graphics.
    -Mapper-To make the map's better.-2 more needed.
    -Audio Maker-Make better sounding Audio for originality- We have 1 but I am unable to get the music because it requires a YouTube Converter.

    Support us! Here is the bar. And the code below.