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    Aloin smiled softly as he observed Nika's expression. The frustration of defeat was not something easy to conceal. He knew how to spot it a mile away, no matter how hard someone tried to hide it. Even the best of the best felt the feeling--no, the best of the best especially knew the feeling, like a best friend who motivated them all the way to where they stand. Throughout a person's youth, they try to avoid losing as much as possible and hate the sensation. It's ironic, Aloin chuckled to himself, that it was the very thing that they pushed away that would shape them into adults.

    Oh god, looking at it that way made him feel old. He was still young enough to be on a journey--he didn't need to be acting like he was some fifty year old veteran. People would think he was some sort of creep.

    "You shouldn't brood over it too much." Aloin said as he put a comforting hand on Nika's shoulder, surprising her. "You did well, despite having a type disadvantage. A very clever tactic, I'll go as far as to admit. Did you make it up on the spot?"
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