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    Skye nodded quietly. "I-him fruh-from theh-the Entei duh-dorm too..." He gave the teacher by Nika a polite nod before offering his hand to Holly. "Heh-here, weh-we shuh-hould hurry. Beh-hedtime shuh-should be soon." Rama huffed and yawned. He bit Skye's leg, telling him hurry up. The boy didn't really notice; he was focused more on the blackening sky and the nervous girl.

    Seeing Lumina spinning around Skye frowned. "Pruh-hobably luh-like the nuh-hight, huh Lih-hitwick?"


    Ash was back on the path of the school at last. She was tired. That training session had been fun, not like working with the kiddies. Half of them didn't know good fighting if it kicked them in the face and pinned them to the floor. Haha that was a fun idea! Oh well. She went up to her apartment and locked herself in. She planned to be a lump on the bed until dawn. The teacher saw nothing wrong with that.
    "Perhaps I misjudged you after all."

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