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The last 10 (actually 9) visitors to my page were...
  1. Abnegation
  2. khkramer+
  3. Lightning
  4. Livewire
  5. Luke
  6. Pokemaster361
  7. Razor Leaf
  8. Toujours
  9. vPHOTONv
1. Made supporter bars for Phoenix Rising. Exchanged a few PMs.
2. I am a mapper for his Pokémon Nox Online. Exchanged lots of PMs.
3. Asked some questions.
4. Not sure. Maybe I drew attention or something...
5. Talked/discussed things in threads.
6. No clue who this is.
7. Again, maybe I drew attention...
8. Asked questions.
9. Set up trades with him.

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