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Originally Posted by Jubilation View Post
I'm currently having trouble beating Watson.

My team is comprised of:
Beautifly - level 24
Kirlia - level 22
Gulpin - level 21
Makuhita - level 22

Any idea as to what I could do / improve?
Watson is basically a nightmare, except if you have Marshtomp, however he can be beat! n_n Voltorb and Electrike are quite weak and will go down easily. I take it Kirlia knows Calm Mind? If so, lead with Kirlia and spam it. Heal when needed. Once you're at about +2/3 (depends what you want), proceed to use Confusion which could OHKO the former mentioned two. Manectric and Magneton are absolute terrors. However; he'll more than likely use Manectric if Kirlia is out since it knows Bite, and since Bite is special this time you won't take much. Again, spam Confusion. Magneton will probably take you down since it spams T-wave and then Shock Wave. Makuhita should be used next; just spam its fighting moves and hopefully you'll win. If he paralyses you don't heal it from Makuhita since Guts will make this battle 100% easier. Use Gulpin and Beautifly as decoys for healing.

Good luck! n___n paragraph not needed we
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