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    Originally Posted by Nintendork15 View Post
    Nice story, not too much is given away, but the general gist of it is revealed, I like that.
    I'm hoping the characters sprites are placeholders deeming to be changed.

    This bit, has an awful resemblence to:
    In B/W2 (I'd post a screenshot but I can't find one, and have no time to make one myself.)

    All in All, the story is somehwat good, but chracter and mapwise you need some more work.
    Yeah. I know it look's similer but it's way different in event's xD I am working on maping a bit more. Scripting is the main thing I want to worry about. But the story matter's as well. So I am just trying to get both out of the way. But I can't get anyone other than Venom12 and Zingzag's to help. Each only gave me like one script but they were major so. I am also trying to think of character's to replace them XD I need spriter and a person to do the graphics too. I am not good at either so just about the only thing I can do is mapping and inserting script's if I am told where to place them XD