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Thieves Forest- In front of the Decreement

"I know Lyn. I know perfectly well that you two know the plan, that you will carry it on. But... even the best laid plans often go awry." He sighed, "It will go wrong, has to. Know that now, but you both must adapt to any situation as well. Be prepared for anything. In essence, even have a plan ready when mudkips start to rain down from the clouds." He said with a hint of smile. Lyn and Hoodhide smiled as well. "Now... if you prepare for that... you're ready for anything."

Lyn nodded her head. "We'll be ready, brother." She said, as the three of them walked back to the others. When they approached, Defender gave one more pep talk of the primary and secondary missions, the former being the safety of the brother and the latter the safety of the other prisoners. After that, they keep the Sentinel away from the others, and everything would go well. Zane understood the plan, and wished he could be apart of it, but he knew he had to stay here. As Defender talked, the rest of the Gold Tribe arrived, as well as Noctus.

"Now apart from that, do your best, and we'll be good." He nodded, "Alright, that's all I have to say."

Roswell came out of the Decreement building. He looked over the faces of the Gold Tribe in front of him, giving them a nod of the head. "I thought I'd see you guys out, make sure everything is in order. My scouts have been out at the ambush site all morning. They're not at the site yet, but should be there soon. Good news is, from what they've been able to scout, there seems to be no sign of a Sentinel."

Zane felt a small wave of relief lift from his shoulders at the words. It was a bit more comforting to hear from Roswell that they might not encounter a Sentinel. But it wasn't certain.

"If there's nothing else, I'd say its time for you to move out." Roswell concluded.

"Hold on a moment." Zane interrupted, stepping forward. He turned to Roswell. "I want to say something to my brothers and sisters before they go." Roswell crossed his arms and nodded. Zane stepped forward to them.

"Brothers. Sisters. It pains me not to be able to go with you on this one. But I know you're in good hands. You'll see this mission through to the end just like you have with everyone other one you've encountered thus far. Good luck. Stay safe."

"Arceus protect you, brothers and sisters." Sword and Shield chimed in at the end.

Lyn nodded and gave a big grin to Zane, Dryad, and Sword and Shield. "We'll be back before you know it. Don't worry!"

And in a flash of light, they were gone.


Thieves Forest- Ambush Site

Lyn opened her eyes. The scenery had just changed to the one she had seen the day before, the small path in front of them between the Korhal Mountains and the edge of the Thieves Forest. They appeared just at the edge of the forest, still covered behind trees. Right beside them all around were the thieves the king sent to help with the plan. They were Pokemon that would help in the attacking by executing the plan. Plant and flying types armed with sleep powders and stun spores to confuse the enemies. One of the thieves, a Beedrill, approached the Gold Tribe members.

"Right, the king says you'd be comin'. Ok, here's what's going on. All the traps are set from yesterday. The Ancients should be coming in from the west with the prisoners. We don't know exactly how many, we never got a chance to get a good count, but there seems to be around a hundred or so. But there might be more. No Sentinel spotted.

Lyn beamed and laughed. "Ha! Only a hundred? And no Sentinel? This'll be cake!"

"I don't think it'll be that's still a hundred, and we have to be on guard if the have reinforcements." Dark Lightning added.

"Right,'s going to be the bait?" Calamity asked.

"Two of my men will do it." The Beedrill said, pointing his stinger at a Houndour and Poochyena. "They'll cause the Ancients to rush forward and fall into the traps, and then I'll send in my sleep and stun teams. They'll cause even more confusion, which will be your chance to strike and get to the king's bro and the other prisoners. Sounds about right?"

"Seems so." Calamity said softly. "...Now what?"

"Now..." Dark Lightning began, looking to the direction of where he assumed the prisoners would be coming from. "...I assume we wait. Any last information or pointers we should know about, or should we get into position?" He asked Defender.

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