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Ahh, I'd love to get in on this. Starsprite told me there's a free spot :D Gonna add a placeholder and work on the SU over the next couple hours~

Name: Ryudo Skye
Age: 19
Date of Birth: May 18th
Gender: Male
Hometown: Snowpoint City; Sinnoh
Reason for Entering: Ryudo has a passion for testing himself, his Pokémon, and his spirit. Entering a famous tournament like this is the perfect way to see how far his team has come.

An average height of around 5'10"; his Pokéballs hang around the holder on the wrist of his right hand. Black hair, pointed into wide spikes overflowing down onto his face with a distinctive peak laying in-between his deep blue eyes. A well built and well toned character, showing great physical fitness and dexterity from his many years of adventuring through harsh mountains and cliffs. His garments resemble those of a famous adventurer; wearing deep purples and blacks in his tight-fitting clothes, his physique is demonstrated brilliantly. He has a pair of pitch black fingerless gloves that have never left his sight; they were his father's last gift before departing on his final adventure from home having never returned. He carries a backpack with him wherever he goes containing all the essentials that could be useful for survival - items such as a flare, a rope, first aid kits, a compass, and anything of the sorts can be found within this backpack. He has deep purple, tight-fitted trousers to accompany his attire, partially covered by huge dark-blue hiking boots as years of dwelling in a mountainous environment have prepared him to expect any terrain changes to come.

Ryudo has been a Pokémon trainer with his partner Pokémon Emolga since the young age of 10. He first met his partner on a journey through a deep forest after being chased out of town by a group of wild Luxio, lead by an angry Luxray. He had no idea why he was being chased, but the snarling and shredding of ground under their sharp paws would be enough to terrify anyone. Whilst hurtling through the forest with no idea how to get back and sweat dripping from his forehead, Ryudo stumbled on a protruding tree branch and fell unconscious on the forest floor. He woke up noticing a pile of apples had been placed by his side and a fire had been started; and more importantly that he hadn't been ripped to shreds. Dazed and confused, he stumbled over to a nearby tree before being met with a bolt of lightning. Assuming it was the electric wolves returning, he ran to the fire and got ready to hold his own, but instead a Pokémon he'd never seen before emerged from the bushes. The Pokémon resembled something of a flying squirrel and was obviously Electric type judging by the spark of its cheeks; this Pokémon certainly wasn't native to Sinnoh. After beckoning to the apples and fire, Ryudo realized that this Pokémon had saved him from the Luxio and the Pokémon stuck by him on his way out of the forest. He thanked the Pokémon but it wouldn't leave his side; he already knew they'd be a perfect team so he inquired with the town's gym leader Candice about what Pokémon this was and what he should do about it. After a lengthy discussion, Candice identified the confident Pokémon as an Emolga, native to the Unova region, and determined that it was a wild Pokémon. Seeing the obvious bond and connection between the two, she offered Ryudo a Pokéball to capture his first Pokémon and begin his journey as an adventurer; that Pokémon is still to this day his best friend and partner. However, the fear of those electric wolves installed by that night's events has stayed with him too, just the same.

After beginning his journey, Ryudo developed into an adventurous type. He loved nothing more than adventuring in the Snowpoint mountains, travelling as far and as he could. He'd never had much of a family but instead took refuge with Candice, his strong friend, so there wasn't much need for him to stay in Snowpoint City much longer. He headed out on his Pokémon journey at the age of 12 where he found a true passion for exploring caves, mountains and anything of the like. His first adventure lead him to Sinnoh's famous Mt Coronet - a location that he had specifically been warned not to travel to. But he was a curious boy and he'd never pass up an opportunity for adventure, so he took no notice of these warnings. His ideology was that if no one was brave enough to explore then nothing would ever be discovered, so he took it upon himself to become a great explorer. However as he reached the half-way point of the mountain, he was attacked by a group of angry Bronzor that he had obviously disturbed. Ryudo and Emolga tried their best to fend off the advancing Pokémon, but they were being easily overwhelmed. This didn't make him want to give up though; it only encouraged him to push further and prove that he was strong enough to cope on his own. He asked Emolga to perform one final push of electricity with an Electro ball attack, and this sent the group of Bronzor flying. He didn't turn back after this though; he still made sure to explore as much of the cave as he possibly could. All the while without him knowing, the Bronzor's leader, a quiet Bronzong, had been watching and observing the duo. As Ryudo headed to the base of the mountain, the towering Bronzong blocked the exit. But Ryudo could see that the Pokémon wasn't angry; it was excited and smiling brilliantly. Knowing that it was itching to battle, Ryudo gave Emolga orders and eventually came out o top with his partner, before throwing a Pokéball to capture the Bronzong. It easily accepted the capture and gladly joined Ryudo's team.

Ryudo's travels then continued all throughout the region of Sinnoh with his Emolga and Bronzong; he never felt the need to capture another Pokémon with these two by his side. But eventually he grew tired of Sinnoh accepting that everything had been explored, so his passion lead him to travel to the continent of Unova that he had heard about from Candice. He decided to travel Unova, collecting gym badges as he went, but this never really interested him. He stopped after receiving the Jet Badge from Skyla and instead rekindled his passion for adventure. He traveled throughout Unova exploring the spectacular places it had to offer; caves packed with electricity, huge towers built by dragons, huge chasms housing the creatures of nightmares; these places and concepts all made him more excited than ever before. He continued his journey and eventually came across an injured Trubbish. By now he had developed a strong love for Poison types based on his Bronzong's Toxic attack, so he felt sorry for the poor Pokémon and brought it to a nearby Pokécenter to be healed. He waited by the Trubbish's side to ensure it made a full recovery before heading off back onto his journey; but the Trubbish never forgot this and followed him closely. A few weeks later and several more areas having been explored, Trubbish finally picked up the courage to challenge Ryudo to a battle to be captured. Ryudo gladly accepted and asked Emolga to help him out. Trubbish put up an incredible battle for such a small Pokémon that he even ended up knocking out Emolga; Bronzong then managed to subdue the Poison type Pokémon with its Psychic attack, allowing Trubbish to be captured and join the team. The foursome traveled the rest of the continent, learning new moves and having Trubbish evolve, before getting wind of the Pokemon Grand Tournament accepting sign-ups. He thought this would be the perfect way to see how much he had grown as a person and how far his Pokémon had come, so he hastily entered ready to show his power. He was nervous of the fact that it would be a partnered event since he'd never worked alongside another trainer before, but he was still just as excited as ever. He just prayed there wouldn't be any trainers brave enough to have tamed and captured one of those terrifying electric wolves or that'd be his downfall.


Naughty | Motor Drive
  • Acrobatics
  • Volt-Switch
  • Double Team
  • Electro Ball

Quiet | Heat Proof
  • Toxic
  • Gyro Ball
  • Psychic
  • Iron Defense
(Psychic may change to Future Sight during the RP via TM/training/tutoring if that's okay)

Brave | Stench
  • Gunk Shot
  • Rock Blast
  • Stockpile
  • Swallow

Okay I think this is just about done now - I'll review it later once I get some sleep but feel free to accept/reject based on that since I don't think it'll change much. c:

Also Whimsyful I think we're going to have some trouble with your Luxray. c;
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