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    Originally Posted by Nickalooose View Post
    To me the Pokémon overworld, in this case Charmander, doesn't fit with the BW overworld, looks somewhat out of place... Maps are a little blocky, square... I would strongly recommend, you try to use less custom scripts, if you can't do them yourself, yes people will give you help with random ones, but making menus and things like this, they most probably won't do for you... I'm pretty sure you can do alot more than map and put codes where you are told you just have to work at it, you can only get better.
    I am thinking about switching to HG/SS style instead :D Thanks for commenting with recomendations. I do have a person making a Battle style for me. And I don't have a scripter with is the sad part :/ Cause I have an idea for what I want the game to be like. The bottom screen will display either the Bag screen/Pokedex/Party/P-Gear screen/Trainer card. Which can be switched back and forth through the P-Gear which is going to be the defealt screen :D