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    Aloin nodded back towards Skye in acknowledgement before the girl beside him jerked away suddenly, giving him a wary look. He was slightly surprised by the gesture. The frustration she felt from the results of the battle had vanished and was quickly replaced with all kinds of emotions that flashed quickly across her face. Though in the end she relaxed, she remained cautious. Aloin made it a point not to look directly at the egg she was clutching, as that seemed to be the source of her anxiety.

    Hariyama had begun forward when Nika had acted so hostile, but at a sharp gesture from Aloin, it stopped its advance and stayed back, folding its arms over its broad chest. Both of them had been raised to be polite, even with potential enemies, so he found Nika's actions impolitely and inappropriate. While Aloin might have agreed, he would let this one slide. It had been his fault for sneaking up on her, after all.

    "Type disadvantage is a common problem for those who focus on a single type." Aloin went on sympathetically, deciding to completely ignore the occurence entirely. "The struggle is to find a way to combat it properly. Once you do, it will prove to be of little problems afterward. But I have to ask; why bug? It is not famed for being the strongest type and is often underrated. Did you choose it because of their general versatality? Or do you just like the way they look?"
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